1. Music is an art form , remember?

    Yes music is supposed to be an art form. It is not pretentious to remind the world this precious fact. Music is being used and reused like a cheap whore. The only valuable option for musicians is to stand on their feet in front of the market and claim ferociously that this is a fucking art form you are dealing with , not a bloody second hand car.
    Yes, content is important , that is what artists do , giving their vision of the world thru paintings , scultures , writing and….. Music! They give it in a non boring way and it’ s usually much more enjoyable than any politician debate. It’s entertaining and again , yes content matters.
    That is what savages do. They just released a beautiful video for their song Strife. As usual the band wrote a statment about it. You would ask why do they have to release a statment on each single thing they do? Well , because this particular art form, which is music, is being treated not as such by the modern world. Content is diluted by the whole market process and It’s mostly being ruined by social media such as Youtube and Facebook. The comments sections are the most useless empty pit you can ever see. It is vertiginous to see how it sucks the whole concept of art, it’s like the debate prevails over the art piece. This is unfortunately the context in which music videos exist, on fucking facebook and youtube , a massive puddle of shit opinions. Hard to stand on your feet in a puddle of mud… Imagine museums with a comment section under each paintings or sculptures , I surely would’nt go to such places. Under a Picasso painting you would read things like , ‘my kid do better than this ‘or ‘Come to Switzerland! . Ffs.

    If you like your music brainless , emotionless, to suit your favourite energy drink ad, your favorite branded summer festival cluster fuck, and if you think bands should shut their mouth , not talk about politics , not talk about society , not make you pay for their music , not complain about anything , then you are probably a fucking idiot . Does that make musician pretentious? No, that makes those artists more clever than you, braver , they are making an effort you can not even dream of, and you probably need them much more than any politician. They are not above you , they are putting their ass out there for you , to feel better, to think better. That’s what music and other art forms are made for.


  2. music contest ceremonies.

    I’ve been to 2 of these events this year. One with Lescop in France ‘les victoires de la musique’ and with Savages at ‘the barclays mercury prize’ in uk . It was quite enjoyable to be there and feeling we were giving a bit of a different musical proposition , proud of what we are , and i think people enjoyed it too .

    Lots of people working in the music industry were gathered in the same room , the millionaires , the famous artists , the young ones , the proletarians , the assistants , the bosses, everyone together chatting and getting warm, you know catching up …

    Made me realise one thing though  : no one has a fucking clue about anything . Lawyers , managers , agents , promoters , artists , no one knows how to get this mess working together.I’m talking about the crisis in the music industry , the elephant in the room . They probably don’t want to think too much about it .It’s celebration time after all. Everyone holds on to their own wallet, hoping it will get bigger in the next couple of months. And if it doesn’t , we’ll blame the crisis.

    The mercury prize is sponsored by a bank . The same one that would shoot you in the head if you ‘re a musician and you got a £40 overdraft. It sucks , no matter how you look at it , it sucks as politics sucks today . I wish a clever angry music lawyer would come and try to get back what was stolen by steve jobs back in the days. You know some kind of rebellious motherfucker who says : enough is enough , apple , spotify , internet providers , every big ass company using music as their main communication : time to pay back. For real , not the usual ‘money from streaming and digital sells improves year after year’ , fuck that , fix it now . Let’s have a look in your profit and let’s share it in the music world. I don’t know , i’m not a money specialist but it looks like some people enjoy grandly this very slow fixing process.

    I was intrigued when James Blake took his prize , he said : ’ i thank my parents for teaching me how to be self efficient’ . I actually can say the same about my folks . To me it sounds like we , artists, won’t get help anymore from the people representing us in this industry. They sold our stuff for nothing to some kind of fucking billionaire computer nerd . And for generations to come , money is stuck and being held by people outside the industry. NO ONE to fix it for now . What we get from money makers as musicians is the same that civilians get from the actual governments , fucking austerity plans: it only says one bloody thing : Some rich naughty boys don’t want to let go until someone comes around and threat the shit out of their asses . And some of these naughty boys were sitting in the bloody room sharing the moment with us… Batman anyone?

    Apart form that the food was free and delicious , as usual.


  3. colinlanephotography:

    me with Camille and Gemma from Savages and Nico (Johnny Hostile) outside Webster Hall after their gig. I had to work late that night and got there just as the crowd was spilling out onto East 11th Street. I missed the whole show. I was so disappointed, especially as I could see that the crowd was pumped up and buzzing. We all went out for drinks though afterwards and had a great time. (Photo by Matthew Farrar)

    I love you colin.


  4. i don’t miss home

    i’m glad to be away from home. I don’t miss it . i love touring with people i love and above all meeting new people .Without diversity in my life i’d die.  Last night in Toronto we met Charlotte , she’s a burlesque dancer and a stripper. She’s an angel and she is the kind of rare human being with sparkles in the eyes. Strong , full of life and beautiful . Jehnny and i felt in love. She s 23 and already got an incredible life story to tell.

    Friendship , love relationship , sex or even work shouldn’t  look like a mental institution.  We tend to forget that those particular connections are for well being and not for neurotic behaviours. The common thing is  to act quite the opposite way. Unconsciously you  let go your worst fears into your love relationship or friendship or family , automatically thinking everything would get better no matter what .

    Wrong .  You might lose shit forever if you don’t respect your friends or lovers , coworkers…  They are the last people to mindfuck and we should approach them with humility.  Don’t ask me why, but travelling makes me think about this shit. Or maybe it’s just the view from my hotel room in chicago : 


  5. Faithfull

    Tonight i saw Marianne with my great friend Etienne.  Her voice went straight to my heart and it felt good. She’s a queen. She started with Broken English and i melted straight away. The way she talks to her audience is generous , sweet , honest and funny. I loved the way she introduced her song ‘vagabond ways’ , how she ‘s been  inspired by the evilness of men towards a young women .Her emotion was constant thru the show , she cried when she arrived on stage , of joy.  What she sings she truly believes in. Every step is a journey. It’s a lesson for all artists : be what you perform and perform what you are.  I met her after the show i told her i was working on a remix of broken english , she smiled , it’s enough for me, i came back home , confident i’m part of the right family and i felt changed .

    Thank you Etienne.


  6. Del rio

    I use 2 voice samples in my set. One is a great story by charles bukowski read by himself ( i’ll come back to it later ) and the other one is an interview of Vanessa Del Rio. she is an ex pornstar from the seventies . I watched an amazing documentary about her life. She came across like a force of nature with the biggest appetite for life and sex. That woman is INCREDIBLE . She ’ s got a great self analysis and that gives a real deepness to her words , to me that’s a good definition for sexyness. A true inspiring human being.

    I’m gonna release a 7” soon btw.


  7. music festivals & redbull

    I’ve noticed the exponential growing presence of this brand everywhere in cool events. I recently went to field day festival with savages and i went to see the talented east indian youth performing on ‘the redbull stage’ . Also on the side of the big stage , backstage you’d have massive redbull plastic fridges full of redbull beverages ready for the artists and their crew. This brand is fucking everywhere, they feel so empowered with their financial force that they spread this horryfing logo everywhere like a bloody cancer. And we artists accept it , we play on a stage overlooked by this redlogo proudly high up in the sky like a nazi eagle. That makes us look like shit really. We’re ready to accept the lowest form of trade . what’s the next step? we’ll have to wear their bloody tshirts ? It’s a proper visual rape.  This logo distracted me during eastindianyouth performance and i had to leave. it turns everything into a big joke.That Makes our performances difficult , we have to ignore that fucking big elephant ( well bull ) in the room. I personnally don’t drink that shit , and i think you shouldn’t. But hey i smoke cigarettes so nobody’s perfect. My point is financial art supporters should accept to stick their logos thru their asses when an artist claims it . In a perfect world we shouldn’t need those fuckers, governement and taxes money should help those kind of events , not evil lowest form of life companies like redbull. Promoters are way too spineless to turn those things around. redbull is a cancer, litterally , for your body and for art. 


  8. my birthday

    it’s my birthday and i’m listening to Coltrane. 


  9. this is ‘the pricks’ sang by my other half jehnny beth . That’s about sleazyness and brown nosing.  By extension it’s also about long distance relationship … Anyways it’s a real pleasure to shout the pricks at people ‘s faces.


  10. alan vega and more

    I’m not gonna hide behind any lies so yes my performance on stage is highly influenced by Alan Vega.  I ‘ve got no pretention in giving you something completly new . I perpetuate an old tradition of rock’n’roll and i’m proud of it. My love is infinite for great live performers  Vega , Interior , Verlaine  , Reed ,Bowie , Elvis , Cash, Piccioto , Byrne , smith , brown, Jackson, Kuti , Plant , Cave and many many more…   The musical space i created for myself is free of any judgment , i do whatever i want in it and that feels fuckin good. And that’s the only thing there is. scream , shout, another scream another shout , go left , go right , spit , scream & shout again , go down on the floor , stand up , scream and that’s it really.  I could do it for hours without any music, in complete silence but no one wanna see that… so i wrote  music and lyrics . I have to convince myself to put that on a record . For now on i keep it live only ,as long as i can… As soon as you put music on a record those days , everything turns into some kind of promotional moronic shit.